Zumba Classes Are Taking the World By Storm, Why Not Give it a Try in Hadleigh?

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For those of you who haven’t tried Zumba, this fun fitness work-out is made up of a selection of mesmeric moves and Latin inspired sequences that are easy to follow with practise and can get your body fit and toned. Zumba began in 2001 and since then has become increasingly popular with all age groups. It is now the world’s largest and most successful dance-fitness programme.

Having heard so much hype about Zumba classes, my friend and I decided to give it a go. When I arrived with friend, Donna Taylor, at the Western Dance Centre in Hadleigh, there were at least 12 other participants within the class. The room truly came alive when the Zumba music began and each song had a different routine. Having never participated in Zumba before, I was thrilled to be involved, yet had no knowledge of the dance moves or routines. Luckily, the dance regimes were really fun and with the help of the dance instructor as well as the well-practised dance enthusiasts, we were able to follow the routines and have fun at the same time. Despite the slight embarrassment of not knowing the moves, my friend and I remained smiling the entire way through.

Having asked Donna, what she thought of the Zumba class. She responded “It was a high-energy workout, less of a chore than an ordinary trip to the gym. The instructor was clearly enjoying herself, remained upbeat and kept us moving although a little guidance for new starters would have been more desirable”. Overall we both thoroughly enjoyed our experience of Zumba at the Western Dance Centre and having now tried it, we would definitely be keen to try the class again.

The Western Dance Centre located in Hadleigh High Street, is where we experienced our Zumba class featuring exotic rhythms and Latin beats. If you fancy giving it a try, but are busy most evenings, then luckily there are three classes each week to choose from. Classes take place on Tuesday 19.00 to 20.00, Wednesday 19.00 to 20.00 and Thursday 19.00 to 20.00. There is no need to book in advance, just show up and pay your £5 admission fee; every 5th admission is free of charge. Your instructor will either be Hannah Goodwin or Romea Carver, both of whom are trained Zumba dance instructors.

Published: July 25th, 2011


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