Prankster Targets Hadleigh’s £50,000 Statue

Hadleigh Mountain Bike Statue Minus The Blow-Up Doll

Hadleigh’s £50,000 sculpture raised a few eyebrows recently when a local prankster decided to position an erotic, inflatable doll on the shoulders of the Mountain Bike Statue.

Installed by Essex County Council to commemorate the 2012 Olympics, the steel structure is situated on Victoria Roundabout, where passers-by were left somewhat bewildered by what they saw. The incident took place just days before the commemorative statue received 73% in favour of remaining on Victoria Roundabout, as opposed to being moved to Hadleigh Farm.

The blow-up woman sat happily upon the steel structure for a number of hours throughout the morning and afternoon of Saturday 8th September. No-one knows who is responsible for the practical joke, but pictures soon spread over social networking sites, including Facebook and Twitter.

The figure was removed from the statue by the eve of September 8th, yet according to a spokeswoman for Castle Point Borough Council; the authorities were unable to discover who removed the doll or how they did so.

Local based artist, David Hurrell of Willow Walk, stated: “Was it low-level vandalism or artistic statement? Given no damage was intended, I prefer to think the latter” and “Hopefully this will open the flood gates for more expressions of urban art.”

Mr Hurrell who has publicly spoken out against the steel statue, calling it a ‘plasticine man’ also stated that despite his objection to it, it was not he who placed the doll there, nor does he know who is responsible.

If you managed to catch a glimpse of the illusive inflatable lady, please tell us your thought… was the stunt merely a practical joke or more an artistic statement?

Published: September 14th, 2012


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