St James the Less - Improvements For Hadleigh Parish Church


With Hadleigh currently undergoing a significant regeneration, many elements of Hadleigh are undergoing change, including St James the Less church, which is the prominent church situated in the middle of Hadleigh high street. With the centre of town currently receiving a vast amount of ideas for improvement, it is no wonder that idyllic settings, such as St James the Less have been put forward for changes to be made. Do not be alarmed though, as the church will remain unscathed, it is the area surrounding the church that will be altered if the proposal goes ahead.

The proposal for this historic parish church will not only improve the setting of this beautiful building but will also provide Hadleigh with a new North-South link for pedestrians. Being able to walk around the church via a lane located next to the Ancora restaurant will make for a lively new opportunity for new shops, cafes and restaurants, whilst promoting a safe manner of access if you are crossing from the North to the South of Hadleigh.

The boutiques and eateries that could be introduced if the proposal goes ahead, means that outdoor seating will be available for consumers – allowing a peaceful setting, away from the road and overlooking the church. If this scheme goes ahead, it will be taken on by a private developer, rather than needing financial support from the council.

Further ideas that have surfaced include; maintaining the hedges surrounding St James the Less, allowing passers-by to appreciate the true beauty of this stunning historic church, as well as fitting lights within the trees around the edge of the churchyard, to allow gentle illumination all year round.

Published: June 6th, 2011


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