One Step Closer For Hadleigh Community Hall

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New plans have been drawn up by The Endway Community Association, for a £500,000 state-of-the-art hall to be built. The new hall is to be constructed on Castle Lane’s Endway Car Park.

The land was initially set aside for housing development as part of Hadleigh’s regeneration, until campaigners expressed a wish to secure a lease to build Hadleigh Community Hall instead.

The association asked almost 900 people in and around the area of Hadleigh and gained an impressive 25 per cent response.

Mr Neil Hamber, head of the campaign said: “Our next step is to persuade Castle Point Council to grant us a lease and then we can apply for full planning permission.”

Group members of the campaign showed Hadleigh counsellors the plans of the community hall, where support was expressed by counsellors Simon Hart and Norman Ladzrie.

Mr Hamber explained: “We have a long list of clubs who have shown an interest in using the hall during the day and during the evenings we will open it up for concerts and dinner and dances”.

If a lease is approved and planning permission given, the group will raise a sum of £500,000 to build the new hall with the help of grant giving establishments and charities.

The building will be economically built with use of solar panelled roofing and water recycling, but due to it’s dependency on the Hadleigh Masterplan, the project is currently being delayed.

Group secretary of the association, Beryl Haisman-Baker, added: “We need people in the community to get behind us and support the vision for this new hall in Hadleigh.”

Published: February 14th, 2013


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