Food Waste Collections Now Taking Place in Hadleigh

Food Waste Collection

Recycling your food waste is crucial as food waste makes up 20% of the average bin waste in Castle Point, that’s 7000 tonnes! Not only does food waste fill up land-fill sites, but it also produces Methane, a Greenhouse Gas that contributes to Climate Change. In order to avoid this local councils have created means of collecting food waste, so that it can instead be composted into soil improver and used on local farmland or local parks.

Food waste collection has been running successfully in Castle Point for the last three weeks beginning Monday 4th July. Each household within Castle Point has been supplied two food waste caddies. The smaller caddy can be placed in your kitchen for easy disposal of food waste and the larger external caddy is to stay outdoors. Your smaller caddy, can be lined with compostable (corn starch) sacks in order to make waste removal from your small caddy to your larger caddy, more straight-forward and mess free. Food waste is collected every week, just be sure to put your large caddy outside your house before 7am on collection day.

Carol Dye of Scrub Lane, Hadleigh said “I am pleased that food recycling is now available in Hadleigh. It doesn’t take long to adapt to using the bins provided and it’s good to know that the waste goes on to be recycled into compost.”

Food waste that can be collected via the caddies include; fruit and vegetables, peelings, pips and cores, meat and bones, fish and bones, dairy products and egg shells, teabags, tea leaves and coffee grounds, bread and cakes, cereals, plate scrapings, left-over cooked food and food past its use-by-date. Food waste that cannot be collected include: cat and dog food, liquids, animal bedding, animal waste, packaging and plastic bags. To find out how your food waste is recycled, follow this link

When considering that 82% of household waste can be either recycled or composted, it is important to take action by putting as much of your household waste into recycling as possible. So, start recycling more today and help reduce pollution and save energy! You could even save up to £50.00 a month by reducing the amount of food waste you produce. For more information go to

Published: July 25th, 2011


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