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Shopping in Hadleigh is an absolute delight. The streets aren’t swarmed with consumers, which allows you to have a relaxed and pleasurable shopping experience. Hadleigh is home to a wide selection of shops, whether you’re looking for fresh food, frozen produce, clothing, shoes, hats, bikes, beds, gifts, electricals or antiques you really are in for a treat. Hadleigh has everything you could need. To find out what you can buy and where, click on the listings below.

  • featured Iceland Frozen Foods Hadleigh Essex


    2-10 Rectory Road, Hadleigh, Essex, SS7 2ND

    Iceland offers a wide range of frozen and packaged food as well as fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products...

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  • featured Morrisons Supermarket Hadleigh Essex


    175 London Road, Hadleigh, Essex, SS7 2RD

    Morrisons offers an extensive range of produce, whatever you need, you will find it in Morrisons. Not only does...

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  • Velo Virtuoso

    Velo Virtuoso

    214 London Road, Hadleigh, SS7 2PD

    Velo Virtuoso is a specialist bike shop in Hadleigh, selling mid to top end road and mountain bikes, custom...

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  • doonamis-hadleigh-essex


    299 London Road, Hadleigh, Essex, SS7 2BN

    Doonamis offer a wide and unique range of ladies and gentlemen’s attire, specialising in both business and evening wear. With a...

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