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Hadleigh’s Olympic Sculpture Stands Tall and Proud

By at April 21, 2012 | 0 Comment

Hadleigh Sculpture

The Hadleigh Sculpture commissioned by Wm Morissons Supermarkets Plc is now proudly located at the entrance to Hadleigh, for residents and shoppers to admire. Sculpted by Graham Ibbeson, the stunning masterpiece was unveiled on 30th March. Hadleigh's new Morrisons store has recognised the highlights of this fantastic town by erecting the sculpture and paying tribute to

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Expansion of Morrisons - Supermarket To Superstore

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Hadleigh Morrisons

The new Morrisons in Hadleigh has proved to be a big hit with local residents and has formed a real anchor store for Hadleigh. The Morrisons development was project 1 in Hadleigh’s Masterplan and was officially opened on January 25th. Ever since Hadleigh has seen a significant rise in custom with more people travelling from further afield in order to enjoy the ambience

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Thieves Target Hadleigh Retailers

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hadleigh burglary

Hadleigh has become a regular scene of crime in recent weeks, with many local businesses experiencing attempted robberies and incidents of theft. There have been four acts of crime within the past 3 weeks! CCTV posters are currently placed in shop windows amongst Hadleigh retailers (see images attached) showing two men just before attempting to rob

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Be Part of Hadleigh’s Art and Architecture Weekend

By at September 28, 2011 | 0 Comment

Hadleigh Old Fire Station; Donna Jeffrey, Stan Edwards, Lorna Stennett, Alison Ansary and Sue Willis

The weekend of 8th October will see a trio of thrilling events taking place within Hadleigh, which as a 2012 Olympic Games venue, is fantastic to see! The first being the Hadleigh Art Trail, situated in 23 venues around the Hadleigh Town Centre. The Hadleigh Art Trail - initiated by Essex legacy - is a new event for 2011 and will take place within shops, businesses

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