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New Data Compiled For the Hadleigh Masterplan

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Hadleigh Road Layout

October 2012 saw the launch of traffic surveys in Hadleigh in aid of the town centre’s regeneration. The results of these surveys have since been revealed and have produced some interesting results. Castle Point Regeneration Partnership has led the process which includes evaluating the practicality of future changes to the A13 running through Hadleigh Town Centre, as

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One Step Closer For Hadleigh Community Hall

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endway proposal

New plans have been drawn up by The Endway Community Association, for a £500,000 state-of-the-art hall to be built. The new hall is to be constructed on Castle Lane’s Endway Car Park. The land was initially set aside for housing development as part of Hadleigh’s regeneration, until campaigners expressed a wish to secure a lease to build Hadleigh Community Hall

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Machete Attack in Hadleigh

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Scrub Lane Junction

A frightening attack recently took place in Hadleigh involving an unidentified male attacker and an innocent driver. The 37-year-old man was assaulted by a violent thug armed with a machete at precisely 8.15pm on Friday January 11th. This occurred whilst the victim waited at traffic lights in his car. The wounded man endured cuts to his hand and arm whilst he waited

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New Shisha Bar In Hadleigh

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Mist Lounge Hadleigh

Hadleigh is not only home to a Norman church, a Grade I Listed Castle and a thriving supermarket, but the arrival of the Mist Lounge, now means Hadleigh is home to a Shisha pipe smoking bar too. Furdalls Khan, 25, and Iman Ali, 26, opened the Mist Lounge in mid-November, which has led to a vast amount of negative response from locals. The Shisha bar is positioned

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