Thieves Target Hadleigh Retailers

hadleigh burglary

Hadleigh has become a regular scene of crime in recent weeks, with many local businesses experiencing attempted robberies and incidents of theft. There have been four acts of crime within the past 3 weeks!

CCTV posters are currently placed in shop windows amongst Hadleigh retailers (see images attached) showing two men just before attempting to rob The men entered the premises and tried reaching over the desk to steal a phone, but left empty handed.

On Oct 22nd, ‘Tickled Pink’, the ladies fashion store had a substantial amount of money stolen. Managers Lisa and Neil explained how a male and female entered the store and began asking about the shoes on sale, whilst staff were distracted, the money pouch from behind the till was stolen containing a day’s takings. The store only opened on October 15th and since the incident CCTV cameras have been installed.

Shortly after on November 2nd ‘The Hair Studio’ was targeted by robbers, Cara Devenney explained to me that some men entered the shop and asked to use the toilets, minutes later they were caught attempting to steal handbags from the staff area. They got away, but unfortunately were not caught.

In the early hours of November 7th A&E Computers were broken into. Two middle aged men broke into the store, stealing laptops, DS games and Xbox games. They left with hundreds of pounds worth of goods. Fortunately a man living above was awoken by the alarm and informed the police of the thieves’ vehicle registration, they were later arrested.

Each of the recent crimes have happened on different days with varying descriptions of the robbers in question, it’s therefore not known whether any the robberies are linked. It’s safe to say that businesses in Hadleigh need to be vigilant of the recent crime level increase and take extra precaution in ensuring the security of their premises.

If you know any more about these incidents or have any information that may help in the investigation then please contact the local police station.

Published: November 10th, 2011


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