The Crown Pub - End Of An Era


As part of the new Hadleigh regeneration plan, residents will be pleased to know that they may soon see a big change to the former Crown pub, as opposed to the eyesore that is currently in place.

Castle Point Council have announced the area surrounding the former pub as being the main focus of Hadleigh’s regeneration, with a number of possible ideas for the site. These include; a cinema – welcomed by both young and old Hadleigh residents, as well as a¬†family style restaurant – encouraging families to dine out and spend quality time with one-another.

The master plan for Hadleigh has certainly gained a mixed response from local residents, with some seeing the future vision leading to added congestion throughout the town, and others visualising a thoughtful re-vamp creating a great impact to the town.

With the 2012 Olympics fast approaching and Hadleigh Farm hosting the mountain biking event, the time for re-modernisation in Hadleigh could bring not only short-term benefits, but long term benefits too. With many additional factors being addressed specifically for the Olympics, the master plan has helped to identify precisely what changes need to be addressed prior to the Olympics takes place.

Hadleigh’s regeneration plan in the short-term will certainly help in assisting the many thousands of people due to attend the Mountain Biking Event, whilst also creating a feel of pride and sheer excitement for local residents, so watch this space.

Published: May 10th, 2011


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